Here is a collection of a lot of my miscellaneous photogrammetry I have captured over the past year. These assets have all been processed into high-res geometry with texture maps. Most textures will have been processed at 16k and separate passes were photographed to capture the specular response to be used in their respective materials.

All of these were photographed without any baked in shadows/lighting and captured in their entirety (bottoms of vases, bags etc). They are ready to be turned into assets straight out of RealityCapture with very minimal effort.

Everything on this page has been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag with a few area lights and an IBL.

The scans below come from a variety of different places from around the world! Some were captured on-site while I was traveling in Japan, others were captured in my living room or down the road from my house. They were all captured with the same technique and with the same equipment.

Leather Bag

Japanese Fire Hydrant

Beach Sand Tiles

Mossy Steps




Japanese Roof

Oak Leaves

Mossy Wall01

Mossy Wall02

Oak Bark

Wooden Disks

Temple Entranceway

Metal Dish

Japanese Helmet

Moss Material

Onigawara 鬼瓦(Japanese Roof Ornament)


Rock Wall

Forest Scene

Haniwa 埴輪 (Japanese Clay Statue)

Japanese Vase

Tailless Whip Scorpion

Baboon Skull